Blessers vs Converters

February 5, 2015 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

Mark Russell in his book called Missional Entrepreneur tells of a study that was performed on two different missionary teams that were going to the country of Thailand.  Both teams wanted to go in and establish businesses in the country.  But after that, the two teams had very distinct strategies that they wanted to use.  This study wanted to see what would be the results of the different strategies.  One team’s strategy was to go to Thailand, start a business and focus on blessing the people there.  They would just get into the culture and find ways they could bless and help people and serve them in tangible ways. They were the blessers.  The next group went into Thailand start a business but their strategy was to go and focus on getting converts through the business.  They went in with the plan to convert as many people as possible to Christianity.  This group was known as the converters.

This study followed these two different groups for five years.  Do you know what the results of the study were?  The study found that the blessers had a far greater social impact in their area and had 50 times as many conversions as the converter group.  They found that the blesser group not only outperformed the converters in bringing people to Christ but also had a huge social impact and made life better for the people in practical ways.

Intuitively, we know what this study proved empirically.  It is only when we love people and bless them that they develop an interest in why we are doing it.  It is the best way to help people find their way back to God.  Who can you bless today?





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Role Reversals Serving

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